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Beach! #aithnetravels

So Seabrook (where we’re staying on the peninsula) is interesting.  It suffers from “this place is so new it does not yet have a soul” syndrome, and the little general store is like some hipster’s idea of what a convenience store should be like. But the houses are at least varied a little, our tiny cottage is fantastic, the whole place is pretty much dog-friendly (beach! dog park!) and there’s a fire pit right outside our front door.  Literally.

No cell service, but the cottage has wifi. We’re going to go to the Saturday market when it opens and then head out for the day—rainforest and beach today!

Beach selfies!

Pausing to sit some kitties on our way to the coast. #catsofinstagram

Going out to the peninsula this weekend for some quality rainforest and ocean time with solitae. Likely will be mostly offline. Be good while i’m gone!

Ficlet: Necessary Sadness

This is a birthday present for solitae—we were talking about the fact that part of Warren’s shyness with strangers is that he isn’t very good in Maqabite, and that Bela hates speaking it.

Less than 1000 words, Faith Crisis setting.

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no okay but modern antivan crow zevran is a gang member who only ever wears antivan leather and he acts super cool when you first meet him like, arriving on a motorcycle and posing against walls, until you realize he writes bad poetry in his spare time and keeps falling out of windows somehow

Selfies by Lavie Tidhar | Tor.com →

“Selfies,” by Lavie Tidhar, is a creepy little horror tale about the fate of a young woman who makes the mistake of a lifetime when she buys a new phone in the local mall.

My favorite story for today is “Selfies”, which has a gorgeous atmosphere created in taut prose and unusual structure.

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I have no idea what’s going on.

— farewell, warden!

            we’re counting on you.

Test selfie post!

I just sent this to sketchyfletch. i could hear the squeeing all the way from Britain.

If anyone has a Dragon Age Keep beta code they want to get rid of, i’m looking for one!


i’ve had this url for a while now and i realized ive never honoured it ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

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