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they tell me you have questions...

I thought of you when I was reading it on my dash!

I just want to hold them to my bosom and say “this is ONLY THE BEGINNING my loves. It gets worse.”

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As people pointed out, Leliana and Josephine were missing from this drawing that I did and someone suggested they were off snogging in a corner. So yeah.


Gorgeous art yes


Thanks to the last comic, I have a new facebook cover

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I see people on my dash thinking about Cullen + lyrium addiction and I’m like now you know my pain

(I have been thinking long and hard about this for…*checks* over four years now.)

(Holy shit was it really 2009 when I started writing Unstrung Harmonies?)

Seattle is a city of water and uncomfortable angles.

(All taken on my trip home on Tuesday.)


My novella, These Convergent Stars, is free on Kindle right now. And it’s climbed to #1 in Space Opera and #1 in SF Action-Adventure! I did NOT expect that to ever happen with a book of mine. Heck, it’s #187 overall. I just need to knock out 87 people to make the actual bestseller list.

Anyone want to read a book about shapeshifting cats in space doing a mistaken identity plot?

Oooo!  *snags for herself*


The only OT3 that matters to me involves a Kitten sandwich with Izzy and Hawke.

Found something for Solitae when she comes to visit!


Alex and I were talking about options for additional RP formats for us. I love the IRC format, but realistically, it’s hard because it takes dedicated chunks of time. I don’t think anyone wants to stop that, but it might be good to have some other options.

I was suggesting forum format, but Alex had the very sensible idea that we could do more forum style RP in the gdocs system we already have set up (threads in the log folder, linked to from the summary list, and so on).

What are people’s thoughts on that?

I’m not certain how well it will work for me (the closest I’ve ever gotten for forum RP is Formspring) and I don’t really know how forum style RP works, but I am willing to try it if you guys are willing to be patient with me while I figure it out.



This is somehow both an exquisite takedown and the total perfection of the Ted Talk format, at the same time.

-Jody, BL Show-

Well that escalated… perfectly.

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*adoring morning gnawing*

Awwwww!  *gnaws you back*

Torrential rain in #issaquah ! And thunder and lightning and all kinds of good stuff. This is really rare for here.

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One of the least pleasant bus stops in Seattle. But useful. #aithnedoeslife

"if I ever left here," she said, "that’s how I would do it. Quick. Like tearing out of a spider web when you can’t see the spider."



Welp I’m kind glad DAI has been pushed back now people can give me the attention I deserve at GGC without feeling guilty that they’re missing out on gaming time.


DA:I being pushed back makes October SO MUCH EASIER.  I wasn’t going to have any gaming time in October, so!

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