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Omg omg we’re watching the original Escape to Witch Mountain 8D

Tempeh fry bread tacos!

Fry bread!

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Fry bread!

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Pip is hoping that Storm drops some fry bread.

I also think it’s funny how this group of ours has played several different versions of Cullen and they’re all different but they’re all recognizably variations on the same character.

Saga’s Cullen is probably the most repressed and tortured and stern. (He stayed in the Templars and fell in love with the Champion, who is a mage and married to Sebastian. It got complicated.) Solitae’s Cullen is slightly less repressed and not in love with the Champion, and has a super-dry sense of humor and loves kids.  My Cullen is the party Cullen, the version who got kicked out of the Templars before he was sent to Kirkwall and has been involved with Zevran for years. He still has issues and he still blushes like a bonfire, but without the damage of Kirkwall and with the support of his family (he has kids, and is like the best dad ever) he’s a lot more functional in certain ways.

But get them together and it’s very clear that they’re all variations on the same character. The same mannerisms, similar speech patterns, and let me tell you that when you have three Cullens worrying disapprovingly at you, it is really less than fun.

(and we won’t even start with the AU Cullens.)

nice side effect of a character you have RPed for years (oh gods FOUR YEARS now) appearing in a new game as a love interest:

Sudden uptick in sexy art posted of said character.

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I forget — does Sebastian say anything about why he’s required to take an oath of celibacy?

It just strikes me as odd that that Chantry brothers and sisters are required to remain chaste, when the original Bride of the Maker had several children by her mortal husband….

When I mentioned parallels with the Catholic church I meant general parallels with the historical organization — a celibate clergy, Crusades (aka Exalted Marches), an Inquisition against heresy (the original Inquisition), a medieval style Pope who gets involved in various intrigues (the White Divine), a Great Schism (the rift between White and Black Divines),  Joan of Arc (Andraste), etc. 

I won’t pretend to know much about Christian spiritual doctrine. If you say that Sebastian’s “spiritual marriage” thing isn’t Catholic then I take you at your word.  Plenty of aspects of the Chantry have nothing to do with Catholicism.  Wizard prisons, for instance.

The purpose of my post was to wonder why celibacy would be considered mandatory for clergy when the original intermediary with the Maker, Andraste, very obviously wasn’t celibate.  It seemed to me like maybe they were thinking more about the parallel with real life religion than about what would make sense in the context of the Andraste lore.

It’s probably for the same reason that the Church forbade priests from marrying—in large part to prevent the children of priests from inheriting Church property. In Sebastian’s case, they really really really did not want him siring bastards and confusing the line of succession. (and, well, this being Sebastian, I assume there were close calls before they marched him off to the Chantry.)

The Vaels have a tradition of the third son going into the Chantry, probably for exactly this reason. You have the heir, the spare, and then the supernumerary sons who get packed off and tucked away just in case. I occasionally think about the spirits of Seb’s father and mother standing over him and tearing their hair out because they’re like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN KIRKWALL GO GET STARKHAVEN OUT OF THE HANDS OF THAT KID ARRRRRGH WHY IS THIS EVEN A QUESTION SEBASTIAN”.

People Who Went to The Hobbit: Omg, there are hot dwarves?! There are hot dwarves! Look! There are dwarves and they are super fine! How is this possible?! Dwarves can be sexy now?! It cannot be!!!
Dragon Age Fans: Calm down. Jeez. You're acting like this is news.
❝ The Never Call: There are some people who love to text so much that the phone part of their cell phone has become completely obsolete. They’re like Tobias Funke the never-nude from Arrested Development, except instead of refusing to take off the last bit of clothing for a completely irrational reason, they are scared of a wonderful and time-honored mode of communication. ❞


The Nine Types of Text Messaging Monsters - Texting - Gawker

oh that is me. to a tee.

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I am one of those people. But let me explain something to you. The telephone was an aberation in human development. It was a 70 year or so period where for some reason humans decided it was socially acceptable to ring a loud bell in someone else’s life and they were expected to come running, like dogs. This was the equivalent of thinking it was okay to walk into someone’s living room and start shouting. it was never okay. It’s less okay now. Telephone calls are rude. They are interruptive. Technology has solved this brief aberration in human behavior. We have a thing now called THE TEXT MESSAGE. It is magical, non-intrusive, optional, and, just like human speech originally was meant to be, is turn based and two way. You talk. I talk next. Then you talk. And we do it when it’s convenient for both of us.

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Deaf activism talks about the phone as an aberration in the work environment a lot. Disability being defined by mass technology and the built environment means that until phones, deaf people weren’t ‘disabled’ in the workplace (in the same way non-majorly vision impaired people pass as abled now). The phone, with its deliberate lack of supplementary visual technology, rendered deaf people dis-abled when it came to almost all jobs for 70 years. Only now are deaf people able to communicate on a reasonable level professionally and personally.

Internet and SMS communications changed my life. Technology connected me. I love the culture of not calling; I love not being left out. I love that people are finally realising that phones were really not that great.

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Something you might not have known about Dragon Age 2:




Mother Petrice can survive Act 2 if Hawke sides with Varnell and then supports her afterward. If she does, she is stripped of her title, but informs Hawke in Act 3 that she is planning a schism within the Chantry.


The fact that so few people know, and the events at the end of Act 3 being so catastrophic, I doubt Bioware will do anything with it in Inquisition when it’s easier to say she either died in Act 2, or in the Chantry in Act 3.

It’s almost too bad that it takes playing a Hawke who is either a) a hard-line Chantry loyalist or b) really champing at the bit to wipe out the Qunari in Kirkwall to get that piece of information.  It’s a good reminder that there are elements within the Chantry that are just as violently divisive as the elements outside of it.

Sister Petrice is actually closer to a villain than anyone else in DA2, to my mind. 

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